Alpha Lower Build Kit For Ar-15 With DI Grip (FDE)

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  • Includes Complete Mil Spec Trinity Force Stock & Buffer Kit (FDE)
  • Includes Complete Mil Spec Lower Parts Kit (OEM)
  • Includes Trinity Force DI Grip (FDE)
  • Lifetime Warranty

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by Leon Cordero on Dec 23rd 2019


    Great product

    Went on easy, and the finish is good.

  • Posted by Christopher Stephens on Sep 21st 2019


    Great Little Kit!

    This kit is awesome! Very lightweight stock. The upper part where your cheek goes feels just a little softer, and it really makes your cheek weld comfortable. The trigger is nothing special, but really, what do you expect with this kit? A good trigger kit is the same price as this entire kit. It works nicely, feels fairly smooth, no excessive takeup, it just feels a hair better than some other cheap triggers I've used. The grip is extremely comfortable. I have large hands. The A2 grip is not great for my hand. This has a nice texture to it and is a little wider than standard grips. I purchased one kit, got it in, got it installed, then decided I needed another for another build. I just used the "OEM LPK" on each two kits I purchased. No issues. For what you're getting, this is a great kit. BRD shipped mine pretty quick.

    What rifles I would install this on depends on the rest of the setup. As I mentioned, this stock is very lightweight, which worked great on my Diamondback upper assembly with 16" barrel and lightweight MLOK handguard. I tried it out on my PSA 18" barreled upper, that has a heavier free-float handguard with Pic rails on all four sides at each end, but not full length. It's a pretty beefy handguard. When I swapped the upper over to the lower with this kit installed, I didn't like it. It was too front heavy. For that rifle or similar setups, I'd stick with a little heavier stock, like the Leapers UTG AR-15 PRO Model 4 Combat Ops S1 that came with my rifle when I got it.

    The FDE color matched well with my Aero Precision Cerakote lower and Diamondback upper. That is one thing I was worried about.

    Like I said, already have another on the way. Great kit for a great price. BRD has been my go-to for 3 builds now, and they're the first place I check when I'm planning more builds.

  • Posted by Joshua on Apr 23rd 2019


    Great product

    Received this kit, I thought not only was it a great deal but once I got it in hand I really liked it. The grip and stock have a great texture and the trigger has a good pull. I would recommend this kit it has everything you need!