About Us

Like you, we at BRD are enthusiasts, we love our firearms. When we're not shooting them, we're building them. And when we're not building them, we're out looking for great buys on quality products to offer our customers.

We sell AR-15 parts and accessories including 80% lower receivers. We specialize in high quality custom-built complete uppers using field tested parts and a thorough assembly process.

We don't sell everything and we never will. Our goal is not to become the next Primary Arms or Palmetto State. We are committed to focusing on the AR platform, the builder community and carefully evaluating each product we add to our shop. By being conservative about the parts we add, we are able to ensure high quality. The other benefit of this is our ability to purchase in high volume which means better prices for our customers. 

In two years time, we have grown in leaps and bounds. We attribute this growth to our focus on customer service. We invest heavily in streamlining our systems and processes so that we can operate as efficiently as possible. Efficient operation allows us to offer competitive pricing, but more importantly it ensures that we are equipped to provide the finest customer service possible. 

In addition to providing high quality parts and accessories for the AR-15 platform, we are actively engaged in the builder community. We founded and maintain the AR15 Builders Forum Facebook Group and the sister site ar15buildersforum.com along with the help of some very dedicated admins and moderators. We couldn't do it without these guys. 

Have questions, comments or product recommendations? Shoot us an email at:


Black Rifle Depot


Mailing Address (this is NOT a retail location)

4725 Panama Lane Ste-D3-329, Bakersfield, CA 93313