• Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

    Jun 3rd 2019

    Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

    Cold Hammer Forged Barrel BasicsCold Hammer Forged is a term you may have heard when it comes to AR barrels, but why is it something worth considering? First off, it's important to know that choosing…

  • ​Buying A Quality Lower Parts Kit

    May 15th 2019

    ​Buying A Quality Lower Parts Kit

    Buying a Quality Lower Parts KitBuying an AR-15 lower parts kit is an intelligent, time saving decision for most builders. The reason why is simple: Having all of the small parts you need compile…

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  • AR 15 Upper Assemblies

    Apr 13th 2019

    AR 15 Upper Assemblies

    For new builders, the amount of choices available when it comes to designing an AR 15 are almost endless. To help make your decision easier, Black Rifle Depot is always here to assist. We have a wide…

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  • ​Choosing an ​AR-15 Upper Receiver

    Mar 3rd 2019

    ​Choosing an ​AR-15 Upper Receiver

    Choosing an AR-15 Upper ReceiverAt Black Rifle Depot, we offer several different options of upper receivers at different price points. Depending on your budget and your ultimate plan for your new…

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  • AR15 Lower Build Kits

    Feb 21st 2019

    AR15 Lower Build Kits

    AR-15 Lower Build Kits for Rifles and PistolsIn our last blog post, we took a look at some of the different lower parts kits available from Black Rifle Depot. In this post we’ll take a closer look at…

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