What Size Bore Snake for AR 15?

What is a Bore Snake?

Right Size Bore Snake

A bore snake is a great way to make sure there is nothing in the barrel of your weapon. It is especially useful while in the field. It is a convenient way to clean the inside of your barrel in between your deep cleans.

A bore snake (or cleaning cord) is a flexible fabric cord with a tapered thin end with a weight attached to it. It helps in the initial feeding of the cord through the breech end of the barrel. A bore snake is used to clean foreign contaminants from the inside of a barrel by being pulled through the barrel.

How to use a Bore snake in an AR 15

Though not always necessary, it is best practice to disconnect the upper and lower receivers before cleaning the barrel. Next, remove the BCG and charging handle. Then drop the weighted end into the breech end of the barrel. When the thin, weighted end has been fed all the way through and has come out the other end of the barrel, it is grabbed and used to pull the entire length of cord through the barrel. It will be pulled (sometimes requiring heavy force) towards the muzzle, scrubbing the bore along the way.

A higher end bore snake may even have one or more integrated brushes to help clear away more stubborn contaminants. A Bore Snake can also be used to apply appropriate lubricants.

What size Bore Snake for AR 15 Rifles

The size of bore snake that should be used for an AR 15 is dependent on the caliber of the weapon and barrel. If the bore snake is too small, it will not properly clear the barrel. If the cleaning cord is too large, you run the risk of breaking the tool inside the barrel.

Having a bore snake break off inside the barrel can be a headache, but under no circumstances should you try to shoot the weapon before being sure the barrel is completely clear of all debris.

Typically speaking a .22 rifle Bore Snake will work on most AR 15 Rifles. But should you want to invest in a bore snake for your AR 15 Check Out This One.

Why Use a Bore Snake for Your AR 15

A Bore Snake is a great way to spot clean your rifle barrel while in the field. It is easier and more convenient that using a cleaning rod set. While it does not eliminate the need for deep cleanings, it is a good practice to pull a bore snake through your barrel a few times before firing rounds each time you go shooting, or every 100 rounds or so.

A Bore Snake can be used with less risk of damaging your barrel if you are pressed for time, or unclear on proper usage of a cleaning rod. Be sure to get training and develop your skills regarding proper maintenance of your AR 15.

Best AR 15 Bore Snake

By far the best Bore Snake is the one you have on hand. But if you are looking to add one to your arsenal or bag of tricks, this AR 15 Bore Snake is a nice addition. At around $5 it is a no brainer buy. This one has a soft brass feed weight, integrated scrubbing section, and a non-harsh abrasive texture. This model can be used to clean as well as apply lubricants. It has a tight snug pull for .223 or 5.56 and compact design for easy storage.


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