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Magpul Industries DAKA GRID Organizer For Pelican Vault V800

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Magpul Industries DAKA GRID Organizer For Pelican Vault V800

The Magpul Industries DAKA GRID Organizer for Pelican Vault V800 is a high-quality and durable storage solution that keeps your essentials organized and easily accessible. Made from a proprietary polymer blend, this organizer is tough enough to handle harsh environments and withstand everyday use's wear and tear. The DAKA GRID Organizer features a unique grid design that allows you to customize your storage space to fit your specific needs. This will enable you to maximize the storage capacity of your Pelican Vault V800 while also keeping your items securely in place.

Compared to other storage solutions on the market, the Magpul Industries DAKA GRID Organizer offers several benefits. First, the proprietary polymer blend used in its construction is significantly more durable than traditional materials, ensuring that your items stay safe and protected. Secondly, the unique grid design of the organizer allows you to customize your storage space, making it ideal for a wide range of items and applications. Finally, the compatibility with the Pelican Vault V800 means you can quickly transfer your items from one location to another without constantly reorganizing your storage space.


  • Customizable storage: The unique grid pattern allows for flexible organization of small items.
  • Durable design: Made from weather-resistant polymer material for strength in challenging environments.
  • Non-slip: The non-slip design ensures items stay in place during transportation.
  • Easy to install: The DAKA GRID Organizer is simple to install and remove from the Pelican Vault V800 case.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for organizing tools, fishing gear, or any other small items.
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