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Aero Precision BREACH Ambi AR-15 Charging Handle - Black/Tan

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  • AERO Precision BREACH Ambidextrous AR-15 Charging Handle - Black/Tan
  • AERO Precision BREACH Ambidextrous AR-15 Charging Handle - Black/Tan


Aero Precision BREACH Ambidextrous AR-15 Charging Handle - Black/Tan

The Aero Precision BREACH Ambidextrous AR-15 Charging Handle in Black/Tan is a high-quality charging handle designed for the AR15 platform. Built with durability in mind, it features a reinforced 7075 aluminum bar that can withstand the most demanding tasks. Its ambidextrous levers incorporate a patent-pending dual spring system, which channels the force of use into the sturdy charging handle body, allowing for convenient one-handed charging without compromising its integrity. The slim lever configuration offers a low-profile and easily gripped interface, ensuring comfort when the rifle is slung and effortless operation from either side. Additional features include ambidextrous controls, robust construction, a lever mechanism that protects against breakage, a gas deflection shelf for redirecting gas flow when shooting suppressed, and a functional design with stylistic cuts for clearing carbon buildup and a spacer design that keeps debris away from the lever mechanism.


  • Ambidextrous Controls: Ergonomically designed levers allow the user to easily charge their firearm with either hand.
  • Robust Construction: Reduced chamfer angles provide a strong foundation for the BREACH that is resistant to rotational flex or breakage.
  • Lever Mechanism: Transfers force-of-use away from the roll pins and into the top/head portion of the reinforced bar protecting the charging handle.
  • Gas Deflection Shelf: Aligns with the upper receiver to redirect gas flow away from the users face when shooting suppressed.
  • Functional Design: Stylistic cuts help clear stuck on carbon from the upper receiver, while the spacer design seals the lever mechanism from debris.
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