AR15 Lower Build Kits

AR15 Lower Build Kits

Published by Black Rifle Depot on Feb 21st 2019

AR-15 Lower Build Kits for Rifles and Pistols

In our last blog post, we took a look at some of the different lower parts kits available from Black Rifle Depot. In this post we’ll take a closer look at what you need to know about lower build kits and how they can help you get your next AR build completed in a fast and affordable fashion.

At Black Rifle Depot we sell several different lower build kits. Some of these lower build kits are for rifle builds, while others are designed for pistol builds. If you purchase a lower build kit for your rifle or carbine, you’re getting everything that an AR-15 lower parts kit contains, PLUS a stock and buffer kit.

Or, if you’re doing a pistol build…your lower build kit will contain a complete lower parts kit, along with a buffer kit and some sort of arm brace, stabilizer…or in some cases, just a padded buffer tube.

Lower Build Kits for Rifles

ALPHA and the OMEGA Lower Build Kits

At Black Rifle Depot, far and away the most popular build kits we see AR builders go with is the OMEGA Lower Build Kit for the AR-15, or the ALPHA Lower Build Kit for the AR-15. With either of these kits, you get all of the lower parts you need to complete your AR-15 lower receiver. These parts are mil-spec and covered by a lifetime warranty. The big difference is simply the style of stock you receive with the lower build kit.

With the ALPHA kit, you get an ALPHA Stock kit, which features a low-profile adjustment latch, a rubber cheek rest, and a slick sided profile. The butt-pad profile of the ALPHA stock is angled to accommodate plate carriers and its aggressive texturing ensures minimal movement when working with the rifle under stress.

ALPHA Stock Details:

  • Snag free design to prevent any tangles with gear
  • Two different types of ambidextrous sling mounting options, including QD swivel sockets
  • Rubber textured butt-pad
  • Mil Spec Receiver Extension
  • Mil Spec Spring
  • Buffer
  • End Plate
  • Locking Castle Nut
  • Lifetime warranty
  • For builders who want an upgraded grip with their build kit, Black Rifle Depot also offers the ALPHA Lower Build Kit with a Trinity Force DMR grip. This grip features a storage compartment and has an ergonomic design, featuring finger grooves, thumb rest, grip texture, and a back-strap extension.

    With the OMEGA Lower Build kit, you receive the same lower parts kit as with the ALPHA, but you get the OMEGA Stock Kit. The OMEGA stock features design elements from a LE-style stock while incorporating a host of upgrades, including an unlocking buffer tube lever which allows for easy stock

    removal from the rifle and a robust recoil pad. The OMEGA stock is ideal for use where size considerations are not present and rifle weight balance is necessary.

    OMEGA Stock Details:

    * Snag free design to prevent any tangles with gear

    * Multiple sling attachment points including QD swing swivel sockets

    * Large rubber butt-pad that is removable

    * Smooth check rest

    * Locking clip to ensure placement

    * Mil Spec Receiver Extension

    * Mil Spec Spring

    * Buffer

    * End Plate

    * Locking Castle Nut

    * Lifetime warranty

    A2 Style Lower Build Kit for AR-15

    While the A2 style fixed stock option isn’t as popular as it used to be, it’s a necessity for certain builds…which is why we offer it. The A2 Style Lower Build Kit is very similar to the ALPHA and OMEGA Build Kits above, as it features the same mil spec lower parts kit and lifetime warranty, but it differs in that you get a fixed, mil spec stock and buffer kit.

    Mil Spec Lower Build Kit for AR-15

    If you’re looking to save a few dollars on your next AR 15 Parts purchase, or if you want a no-nonsense stock, but you still want the security of a lifetime warranty, the standard Mil Spec Lower Build Kit for the AR-15 that Black Rifle Depot offers is an ideal selection. You get a mil spec lower parts kit you can depend on and a complete USGI mil spec buffer tube kit with stock. The stock itself is a six-position stock, comes with a coated spring and also features a lifetime warranty. We’ve had nothing but good feedback on this particular build kit.

    Anderson Lower Build Kit

    The Anderson Lower Build Kit comes with a complete mil spec OEM stock and buffer kit and choice of an Anderson Lower Parts kit with either black or stainless trigger and hammer. These Anderson Lower Build kits include everything to complete your AR-15 lower receiver and comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Aero Precision Lower Build Kit

    We have many customers who swear buy the Aero Precision Lower Build Kits. What they offer is very similar to the Anderson Lower Build Kit…however you are paying a bit more. Parts are made in the United States and are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.

    Magpul MOE Lower Build KitFinally, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you simply cannot go wrong with a Lower Build Kit from Magpul. The Magpul name goes hand and hand with quality…and for the price of this kit, you get a complete mil spec lower parts kit, a Magpul MOE Grip, MOE Trigger Guard and a Magpul MOE Stock. If you’re not committed to a budget build, I’d do some serious thinking about this particular lower build kit.

    Via Magpul about the MOE Grip:

    The MOE Grip (Magpul Original Equipment) is a drop-in upgrade for the standard AR15/M4 pistol grip. The ergonomic, hand filling design combines anti-slip texturing with storage core capability. With a similar shape to a 'medium' sized MIAD, the one-piece reinforced polymer construction provides simplicity and a reduced cost while still maintaining the durability needed to withstand operational environments. The MOE Grip accepts optional Storage Cores for gear stowage and includes a basic grip cap.

    And about the MOE Stock, its features include:

    * Reinforced polymer construction

    * Enhanced strength and ergonomics

    * Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort

    * Shielded release latch prevents snagging and accidental operation

    * Premium chrome-silicon lock spring provides positive locking and long service life

    * Side mounting slots accept optional cheek risers for NON AR15/M4 applications

    * Removable 0.30" Rubber Butt-Pad offers an anti-slip surface and increases impact protection

    Lower Build Kits for Pistols

    KAK Shockwave Lower Build Kit

    For those looking to buy a lower build kit for a pistol, we have a few options to consider, but our far-away favorite is the KAK Shockwave Lower Build Kit. I have used this for several of my own pistol builds, most recently for a compact 9mm pistol…and I have been absolutely thrilled with not only the style, fit and finish of the Shockwave, but also its durability. The Shockwave’s blade works by allowing the shooter to use it as a cheek rest or as a pistol arm brace.

    Pistol Lower Build Kit for AR-15

    If you don’t like the price or looks of the KAK Shockwave Lower Build Kit, your next best option would be the simple and affordable Pistol Lower Build Kit. It’s a very simple, lightweight no-frills solution for a pistol build kit that includes a complete lower parts kit and a complete Trinity Force Pistol Buffer Kit…all backed with a lifetime warranty. You’ll also notice the tube on this kit is covered with a high-density foam sleeve that helps with comfort. While this look isn’t for everyone, if you have not handled a firearm configured like this, it’s quite lightweight and comfortable to maneuver.


    Regardless if you are building up a lower receiver for an AR pistol or carbine, just know that we have you covered at Black Rifle Depot. We also understand that these sorts of topics can be confusing for a beginner. We hope this blog helps, but if not, please know we’re here to help and walk you through your purchase.