The Cold Hard Facts About Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

The Cold Hard Facts About Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

The Basics of Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

Cold Hammer Forged is a term you may have heard when it comes to AR 15 barrels, but why is it something worth considering? First off, it's important to know that choosing an AR-15 barrel for you next build is perhaps the defining moment for your firearm. Determining what kind of barrel you will have dictates just what sort of rifle you are building, and for what reason.

As to why choose a cold hammer forged barrel? When it comes to long life and durability, many shooters believe that a cold hammer forged barrel is superior to barrels that are button-cut. The thought is that for a rifle that will be receiving a high volume of fire, getting hot, and having a large round count, having a cold hammer forged barrel is an advantage in that the hammer-forging process creates a barrel that can better withstand heat, leading to a longer service life. With barrels that are not cold hammer forged, under constant heat and stress, they can be more prone to throat erosion, gas port erosion. As a result, their lifespan is not as long.

Availability of Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

While the cold hammer forging of barrels is actually less expensive due to their high productivity, the cost of the machines needed to do this sort of forging are quite high. While these machines are popular in Europe, they are not as prevalent in the United States. Many manufacturers decide to forgo costs associated with cold hammer forged barrels and go with button-cut barrels.

It’s important to know that for most shooters, these button-cut barrels are perfectly adequate. Many of our favorite builds feature barrels from top quality manufacturers like Faxon and Ballistic Advantage that are not cold hammer forged. That said, if we're building a gun that we know is going to be a workhorse at the range, or is going to be used for 2-day to week long classes where we are ripping off long strings of fire, and going thru mag after mag running drills, then that's when a cold hammer forged barrel starts to make a lot of sense.

The Process of Creating a Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

Without diving into complex metallurgy, it's worth noting that the cold hammer forging process happens via hydraulic pressure at opposing angles by carbide or hardened steel hammers. It's not actually "cold" but more like room temperature. While the hammering occurs, a mandrel is inserted into the bore while the hammers shape the barrel around the mandrel creating the chamber, the lands, and the grooves. Due to this unique process, the bore's surface is quite smooth, which gives the projectile a smoother path as it travels through the barrel. This smoothness also helps the barrel be quite accurate.

Buying a Cold Hammer Forged Barrel from Black Rifle Depot

If the idea of a hard-use AR-15 with a cold hammer forged barrel sounds appealing to you, then Black Rifle Depot can help either with an affordable, high quality barrel or even as a complete upper. Featuring all of the benefits that a cold hammer forged barrel provides AND a lifetime warranty, we’re confident these offerings will last longer than perhaps even your original vision for your build.

Apoc Armory CHF Barrel

This is a classic cold hammer forged barrel that has the perfect specifications to make a hard-use, high round count, workhorse rifle.


APOC Armory Cold Hammer Forged AR 15 Barrel

16" Length

.223 Wylde

Cold Hammer Forged

1:7 Twist

Mid Length Gas Port

4150 CMV Barrel Steel

Black Nitride Treated

1" MOA Guarantee

1lb 15oz

Lifetime Warranty

16" Titan .223 Wylde Cold Hammer Forged Upper Assembly

If you are looking for a simple plug and play cold hammer forged solution, then the 16” Titan Cold Hammer Forged Upper Assembly is something that we’ve had tremendous success with. Our personal 16” Titan has taken an incredible amount of abuse, and thousands of rounds downrange, we can say with confidence that you can trust the APOC Armory Brand.

APOC Armory Titan upper assembly collection comes standard with our black nitride barrel. These uppers are assembled on a forged 7075-T6 anodized receiver with t-marks. We went with an ultra light weight 15" free float M-LOK hand guard. The gas block as well as the muzzle device are black nitride treated to match with the barrel. You have your choice of black nitride or premium nickel boron BGG with extended latch charging handle. These uppers have a 1" MOA Guarantee as well as unconditional lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.

16" .223 Wylde 1:7 Twist Cold Hammer Forged

 4150 CMV

Mid Length Gas SystemBlack Nitride Treated

APOC Armory Gas Block

Competition Muzzle brake

15" Free Float M-LOK

7075-T6 Forged Anodized Upper Receiver with FA/DC

Your Choice of Black Nitride Or Nickel Boron BCG

Extended Latch Charging Handle (With Purchase Of BCG)

1" MOA Guarantee

Lifetime Warranty


What companies make cold hammer forged barrels? 

Well the answer is very few. There are multiple companies that sell cold hammered barrels but the manufacturer is one only three. We sell barrels from one of the companies.

Are hammer forged barrels more accurate?

The answer to this question depends on when you are asking. Meaning that they will stay accurate longer, through more cycles and rounds. They are very long lasting and meant to stay accurate for 10k rounds or longer before showing dramatic signs of wear.

Is a cold hammer forged barrel worth it?

The answer to this question is a personal one. It cost more because it is a better quality barrel, but realistically you will only notice the difference if you plan to use the hell out of it.

Let Black Rifle Depot Help

So, if you’re looking for the highest quality AR-15 barrel for your next build, we have you covered at Black Rifle Depot. No matter if you need a cold hammer forged barrel or a standard button-cut barrel, you’ll be choosing a high-quality barrel that will serve you and your build well. If you have any further questions about what is the best barrel or upper receiver for your build, please do not hesitate to call or email. We’d be happy to walk you through the basics.

Jun 3rd 2019 Black Rifle Depot

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