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Daniel Defense is more than just one of the top firearm manufacturers in the country, it is a trusted brand. When you see the Daniel Defense name, you know you are holding a well-designed, high-quality, reliable tool you can count on. For over 20 years Daniel Defense has been a leader in the industry not only designing and producing top quality parts for existing platforms but introducing new ones as well.

Great American Rifle Company

In the words of Marty Daniel himself, Daniel Defense produces the very best rifles and parts for “the Great American rifle”. He was referring to the rifles produced by Daniel Defense for the AR 15 Platform. The AR 15 platform has long been considered by many to be the American Rifle.

The rifle was originally designed by an American, for American civilian use. Since it’s inception, it has been a sought-after rifle by many freedom loving Americans. Daniel Defense set out to build the best rifles using the best materials and has never veered from the American dream of being the best at what you do.

Based in Black Creek Georgia, the heart of America, Daniel Defense has never stopped striving to produce the best rifle built from the best components while maintaining their domestic pride. Daniel Defense prides itself by the fact they ended up having to manufacture almost every part for the rifles they produce. Making high-quality AR15 Parts as well as complete rifles.

“Built by Americans for Americans” is not just a sentiment at Daniel Defense, it’s a creed. They manufacturer rifles for civilian use as well as Law Enforcement and Military. They build tools to help Americans get the job done and back home safely. This company is a shining example of the ingenuity from the United States.

American Innovation

The in-house design team is forever working to improve accuracy, durability, and reliability, but they never forget to enhance usability. With the user in mind, they have been at the forefront of innovation in the areas of ergonomics and ease of operation.

Daniel Defense employs Americans to design the weaponry for tomorrow. They keep an eye forward on what will make things better for future consumers, while continuing to produce today’s best products. Innovation is an ongoing endeavor, and you can count on Daniel Defense to continue delivering the very best quality AR 15 Rifles and Parts today, tomorrow, and well into he future.

Daniel Defense AR 15 Rifle

Forward Thinking Designs

When a company spends as much time, money, and effort on the future as Daniel Defense does, you can count on a company that is not planning to dump a load of products into the market, make as much money as they can, and then leave their customer list hanging. Daniel Defense has for 20+ years been driven to be the go-to place for every red-blooded American that wishes to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Daniel Defense believes that if you are not moving forward, you are standing still. If you are standing still, you are being left behind. Daniel Defense is leading the industry with new and innovative designs that are easily recognizable from a distance. Daniel Defense takes the extra time to consider the end user as well as the potential benefits the design will bring to the ultimate user.

If there is no added benefit, there is no reason for the design change. With this type of reasoning their designers have produced some of the best AR 15 Parts the industry has ever seen. Be sure to take a look at the offerings of Daniel Defense from a reliable parts supplier like Black Rifle Depot and discover the built-in upgrades you get with Daniel Defense products. But keep in mind, the best designs are useless without using the best materials to bring it into reality.

Top Quality Materials

Ultra-high-strength stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers, and nickel superalloys are the materials of choice for the designers and manufacturers at Daniel Defense. Using superior materials with superior designs are what help make Daniel Defense products superior. But those aren’t the only things. Dedication to perfection and pride of workmanship also add to the attention to detail noticeable with every single product from Daniel Defense.

Choosing to only source the highest quality raw materials, means better end products. Using local and domestic materials helps them ensure unmatched performance and durability come with each part. This also allows them to confidently offer peace of mind for the entire life of the product, with their satisfaction guarantee.

Highest Rated Quality Products

Daniel Defense Collapsible AR 15 Stock - Tornado® Grey

If you are in the market for a high-quality American Rifle, you can not do much better than a Daniel Defense Rifle. Because the value for the money is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer today. 

It does not matter if you are looking for a complete rifle or wanting to add high-quality accessories to your existing rifle, get what you want from an American success story brand like Daniel. Known for offering the highest quality products that exceed the need, such as Cold Hammer Forged barrels, Daniel Defense never leaves you wanting. Except for wanting another rifle from their lineup.

Daniel Defense Parts

One of the must have accessories for your rifle is their Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock, it’s a collapsible AR 15 stock, that has the signature look of Daniel Defense. This adjustable buttstock is constructed from their proprietary blend of glass infused polymers with soft touch rubber over-molding at specific places. It fits a mil-spec receiver tube with nearly no forward or lateral play so, it has no need for a tensioning device or friction lock. Making it lighter with unprecedented control and comfort. It also comes available in two different butt-pad widths (0.5” and 0.8”). This helps keep the stock from snagging when shouldering the rifle.

Daniel Defense AR 15 Grip W/Trigger Guard - Brown

If you want to add a matching grip to your rifle after getting the DD Stock, check out the DD AR 15 Grip with integrated trigger guard. You can get it to match the color and over-mold texture. It is a great upgrade that is easy to do yourself even without an extensive toolbox. If you decide not to get it with the attached trigger guard you can still get the same great styling with a matching Daniel Defense Pistol Grip.

Black Rifle Depot is your source for the Daniel Defense AR 15 Parts you want. Shop now for the best selection with live inventory and five-star service that is only matched by the quality of the products you will receive. For years now Black Rifle Depot has been providing Americans with top-quality AR 15 parts and products from all the best brands around. Shop often as their selection grows each week with the addition of new and exciting products from the top brands, as well as their own BRD branded offerings.

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