Discover the 16 5.56 NATO Cold Hammer Forged Rifle Build Kit

Discover the 16 5.56 NATO Cold Hammer Forged Rifle Build Kit

16" 5.56 NATO Cold Hammer Forged Rifle Build Kit

The 16" 5.56 NATO Cold Hammer Forged Rifle Build Kit from Black Rifle Depot comes with the Wraith 16" Cold Hammer Forged Upper complete with M16 Black Nitride Bolt Carrier group and Mil-Spec charging handle. Also include is the BRD standard AR 15 Lower Build Kit, which includes all the parts required to finish your AR 15 or variant lower receiver. These kits are 100% American Made and come with the Black Rifle Depot Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Black Rifle Depot Standard Lower Build KitStandard Lower Build Kit

Black Rifle Depot's Mil Spec AR 15 Lower Build Kit comes with everything you need to complete your AR 15 and variant lower receiver. The AR 15 Lower Build Kit has a 6 position Mil Spec Stock with sling attachment and standard OEM AR 15 Lower Parts kit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's a Rifle Build Kit?

A Complete Rifle Build Kit is a custom package deal that BRD hand selects. Saving you time and effort making sure everything is compatible while you collect all the necessary parts needed to complete your personal build. All you need to do is purchase a stripped lower receiver from your local FFL an everything else you need is packaged together in the BRD Rifle Build Kit. Take a few minutes and shop the incredible selection of Complete Rifle Build Kits at BRD.

Who Makes Cold Hammer Forged Upper Assemblies?

The APOC Armory Premium Cold Hammer Forged Upper Collection was developed with the serious shooter in mind. APOC Armory started with a 7075-T6 forged A3 upper receiver with machined t-marks, forward assist and dust cover. Then added the best products to complete the build. Each upper assembly comes standard with one of their QpQ Black Nitride Cold Hammer Forged APOC Barrels manufactured right here in California. Because Black Nitride is a very reliable and sought-after treatment even the steel .750 low profile gas block and muzzle devices are black nitride treated for durability as well as matching that jet black finish. Each of these assemblies are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in product or workmanship along with SUB MOA Guarantee (using factory match grade ammo). Black Rifle Depot is one of the only allowed vendors and distributers of APOC Armory Cold Hammer Forged Premium Upper Assemblies.

Where to Buy a Complete Upper Assembly?

When it comes to shopping for plug-and-play AR 15 complete upper assemblies Black Rifle Depot has you completely covered. They spend the time and energy to seek out only the finest combinations of top-quality AR 15 parts and accessories to produce their lineup of complete AR 15 upper assemblies. For years now the team at BRD has relentlessly fought to continually produce the finest AR 15 Uppers and to offer them to the public at wholesale prices. Keep in mind even with the success of the company, they have never lost sight of the end consumer. They have always maintained 5-star customer service and maintained a live inventory so shoppers could order and receive their purchase in a timely manner.

16" Wraith .223 Wylde Cold Hammer Forged AR 15 Upper

Why are APOC Barrels so Good?

The Name APOC has become synonymous with cold hammer forged. Because APOC has never sacrificed quality or competitive pricing. They were the first company to offer CHF Barrels to the public at never-before-seen prices. They could have charged the premium price everyone else charged for the barrels, but they have always believed that the best products should be available to everyone. If you see the APOC name on a CHF AR 15 Barrel, you can rest assured that it is the highest quality available anywhere near the price point.

Why Cold Hammer Forged Barrels?

Cold hammer forging (CHF) produces very accurate and durable barrels. The process of cold hammer forging requires that barrels are first machined oversized then a mandrel is slid inside the barrel. Next a specialized machine hammers from all sides of the barrel against the mandrel inside the barrel. This extreme manufacturing procedure transfers the mirror image of the rifling machined on the surface of the mandrel. Creating a very dense barrel that is more resilient and created to last longer in more extreme conditions.

The advantages of a CHF barrel are plentiful. Using the CHF method provides increased control of the bore and groove dimensions. This means a higher dimensional accuracy and tolerance. This and the barrel is not recut or simply forced into position with a button. This results in a much smoother internal barrel surface than other barrel manufacturing methods such as button rifling and cut rifling. CHF guarantees consistent high quality and intense precision: every time.

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