How To Use Iron Sights | AR 15 Iron Sights

How To Use Iron Sights | AR 15 Iron Sights

Backup AR 15 Iron Sights Provide Critical Redundancy in Your AR 15 Setup. When Your Optics Fail, You’ll be Glad You Had Them

Magpul, UTG, and Yankee Hill Machine and are some of the major brands that we offer backup iron sights from. We have fixed, folding, and polymer sights. You get a limited lifetime warranty on all of our products. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products. You can send us an email at

AR 15 Flip up Iron Sights

Critical redundancy can be provided by using backup AR 15 Iron Sights. You'll be happy to know the backup iron sights are still as effective as ever. Simply press a button to activate your flip up sights. No tools needed for immediate activation. The rear sight picture will be slightly higher than the front one. Even if your optics fail, you will still have a very fast follow up shot. You'll glad you had backup iron iron sights when your optics inevitably fail.

Things to Consider When Looking For The Best AR 15 Iron Sights

There are many things to consider when buying iron sights. Be sure to carefully consider all of the following before deciding.

  • What you plan to use the sights for, backup or primary.
  • Your budget for the sights.
  • The weight of the sights vs optics.
  • The required maintenance.
  • If you plan to use near water (possibility of getting wet).

Your answers to these questions will give a better idea of what you need in a pair of iron sights.

High-quality 6061-T6 Aluminum And Military Specification

The rear and front sight combo is durable and lightweight. The quality of the sight affects the accuracy of the rifle. The front sight has two wings that point in different directions. The rear sight has a notch for the front sight to fit into. The front and rear sights should be zeroed out to be even with the top of the notch. The front sight should be centered near the front of the rifle. If it's too far to the left or right, you have to move the rifle until the sights line up. You have to make sure the front sight is in line with the bottom of the sight post. The rifle will be less accurate if it is not. Getting good with iron sights takes practice.

How to Use Iron Sights Effectively

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the correct sights for the AR 15 platform. Second mount the sights on the gun, with proper mounting hardware and tools. Shooting your rifle and making the correct adjustments are the next steps.

There are different types of sights that can be used. When choosing a sight, elevation adjustment capability is one of the most important considerations. Another consideration is weather you need flip up, or solid mount sights. There are offset mounting and vertical mounting sights to choose from as well. 

What are Iron Sights for AR 15?

Iron sights are just that. Sights made of iron designed to estimate the placement of impact for the round when fired. They have no special qualities or unique perks. They are however used as Back up sights as they are far less temperamental and prone to misalignment. It is a good idea to learn to use iron sights.

In fact, compared to optics, iron sights:magpul-iron-sights-from-brd.jpg

  • Are often cheaper
  • Are usually lighter
  • Do not require batteries
  • Are easier to clean
  • Do not care about water intrusion
  • Are less likely to get bumped off their settings
  • Do not fog up in inclement weather
  • Offer a decent point shooting reference

How to Use AR 15 Iron Sights

Iron sights when zeroed in, can be used with a decent level of confidence to give you a strong idea of where the round will hit if there is no wind, and you are within the proper distance. Be sure to use the center front post, you can safely ignore the wings. Those are for protecting the front post placement.

Iron sights should be a reliable way to aim your rifle. Some are flip up, some are stationary. They type you choose, will determine what is required to aim. Check the specific instructions for any that are not hard mounted.

How to Aim with Iron Sights AR 15

When your sights are zeroed in at 100 yards that is where you can expect the sight to be accurate using the top of the center front post as a place holder. If you are closer, it will land above the top of the post. If you are farther away, the round will land lower than the front of the post.

Why Have AR 15 Backup Iron Sights

As mentioned before optics have many more potential issues that can make them temperamental. Having a set of back up sights will allow you to have the ability to aim your weapon if you have optics failure. While plinking at the range, it may not be a big deal. But if you are hunting, and have spent hours tracking your prey, only to have your optics battery fail. It could make the difference between a close shot and not being able to fire.

How to Remove Iron Sights from AR 15

The proper procedure for removing your iron sights depends on the exact sights you have on your weapon. The first step with any removal is to remove all ammunition from the rifle, The next step is separating the upper and lower receivers. Then use the appropriate tool for screw loosening and removal. Note: some sights may require disassembly of additional components and parts, such as the handguard.

Best AR 15 Iron Sights

There is a wide range of quality and price when it comes to iron sights. They can range from around $50 for a set to over $400. There are things to consider when buying.

First, are the sights going to be your primary way of aiming? Are they a secondary aiming system? Do you need iron sights that can fold down out of the way? Are you looking for backup sights that are offset to 45 degrees? Is weight an issue, do you need polymer sights?

Check out the large selection of in stock ready to ship iron sights here. You will find what you want and need including excellent customer service.

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