Is an AR 15 Good for Beginners? | Black Rifle Depot

Is an AR 15 Good for Beginners? | Black Rifle Depot

We are often surprised at how often we are asked "is an AR 15 good for beginners?" This is something we feel passionate about. If you are just starting out with trying to figure out which type of weapon should be the first gun you purchase yourself, consider the AR 15. It is an easy to understand, simple to clean, operate, and customize platform. There is a greatly reduced recoil or “kick” which makes it easy to start out with.

The AR 15 as a general rule is a fairly straight forward design. Which makes it much easier to repair if needed. Because most of the parts disassemble without the need for tools, it breaks down for cleaning very easily as well. Not to mention the ease with which you can replace entire sections of the weapon like the entire upper assembly.

With nothing more than a single course or class, you can be well on your way to feeling confident enough to operate, clean, and rely on your AR 15. After a little more time, you, like most will probably want to build yourself a custom configuration that matches your unique style and personality.

The AR 15 Platform

Since the release of the platform, there has been many customizations, but no major redesigns of the hardware. The platform is solid and dependable in all types of conditions. Because it is such a simple concept, it has been in use for decades. The military, police, swat, and special ops have used this platform as the standard for weaponry. There is no indication that there will be any changes on the horizon either. The AR 15 platform is timeless, simple, and dependable. Everything you could want from both a beginner’s standpoint as well as a seasoned operator.

Using an AR 15 for Beginners

If you are picking up a rifle for the first time, or the thousandth time, you want to know you can confidently use it. The AR 15 fits the bill. It is as easy to use for a first timer as someone who utilizes a rifle daily. Because of the ergonomic fit and finish, as well as the adjustable nature of the products, it can be quickly modified to fit any size shooter.

The next thing to consider as a beginner is the ease of finding parts and ammunition. Both are fairly easy to come by and the .223 or 5.56 ammo is fairly inexpensive when compared to other calibers. And as for ease of finding AR 15 parts for repair, replacement, or customization, it’s as easy as finding what you want and buying them online.

A Word of Caution

The only part you need to purchase from a licensed FFL is the lower receiver. After that you can purchase all the other pieces from online AR 15 Parts distributors. Be sure to buy mil-spec parts if you are unclear or uncertain of the manufacturer. While not a perfect filter for high quality, it should ensure that the parts will fit with other mil-spec parts. Oh, sure there are local and state regulations that restrict certain parts from being used in specific combinations time to time, be aware that these laws change regularly, it is still an enjoyable pastime to build your own design.

Sep 13th 2021 Black Rifle Depot

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