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Magpul Fore Grips | Magpul Grips | Black Rifle Depot

Magpul Industries is known for high quality American made products and accessories made from their own blend of high strength polymer. They have been producing affordable lightweight options for operators and their lineup of AR 15 Fore Grips are no exception.

They make their fore grips from the same high-quality polymer as their other Magpul products to produce some of the best loved fore grips on the market today. Magpul offers a short list of options in fore grips that cover the bases in use and styling. They offer their fore grip line in their standard magpul colors Black, FDE, Stealth Gray, and OD Green.

They were sure to integrate different grip textures on the various models to ensure positive control in all environments. Their grips feel right in both an ungloved hand as well as a gloved one.

All of the fore grips from Magpul, including the vertical grips are designed and optimized for being used with the “thumb break method.” For those not familiar with the thumb break method, the thumb stays on the same side of the weapon as the fingers, not wrapped around the grip in an opposing manner. This allows for a higher center of gravity, more control, and lessoned recoil rise.

Magpul is Proudly Made in the USA

Each and every one of their products are proudly made in the United States by Americans, from American sourced raw materials, from American Suppliers. You really cannot get much more pro-American than Magpul Industries.

What Style Magpul Fore Grip is Best?

Magpul offers only a few options for their lineup of fore grips. You might think they need more options, but the truth is, more isn’t always more. In this case it is as true as ever. When it comes to each individual shooter, there is only one best way for the shooter to control the weapon. That favorite method can be enhanced or hindered by the addition of a foregrip. Magpul knows this all too well and as such has engineered a few optimized foregrips to meet the industry needs.

They offer a vertical, angled, and handstop. That is realistically all that is needed to satisfy the need for gripping and controlling the front end of your weapon. Lets take a closer look at each and what the benefits and drawbacks of each are.

Magpul Industries Vertical Fore Grips

Their lineup of vertical fore grips again come in the standard colors. They have 3 possible grips to choose from.

Magpul RVG Grip

The RVG: a light weight, cost effective vertical fore grip that mounts to a picatinny rail. This is a very easy to install and use foregrip. The benefit to this grip is the mounting footprint is small and can be placed anywhere along the bottom of a handguard that has a picatinny rail. The draw back is it mounts so solid, that it can become a formidable protrusion to attend to if stored in a bag. It is also not 50 state legal on any weapon that has a barrel length under 16”. So be sure to check your local jurisdiction before mounting to your weapon.

The MVG-MOE: This is the gold standard of traditional fore grips. The iconic MVG is a basic, light weight, affordable vertical fore grip that attaches directly to MOE hand guards. This means there is no need for superfluous rails. The shape is an ergonomic design that replaces a traditional vertical grip. This grip too has also been optimized for use with the "thumb break method" of shooting. The potential drawback is you must have a MOE handguard or fore end to mount this grip to.

The M-LOK MVG: Is an inexpensive, lightweight vertical fore grip that attaches directly to M-LOK compatible fore ends and handguards. While this grip is made from the same high-quality polymer as the other grips, and comes in the same colors, it features the new Magpul TSP texture for added positive control in all conditions and environments. The possible drawback to this is, besides always being out of stock everywhere, it must mount to M-LOK handguards or fore ends. So, check your equipment before buying. It too is optimized for thumb break handling.

Magpul Industries Angled Fore Grips

Magpul AFG Fore Grip

The AFG: Is compatible for mounting on most M1913 Picatinny-railed hand guards. This grip was designed with natural body mechanics at the forefront of purpose. It provides a comfortable and stable control/contact point that actually reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon control. It does this by positioning the shooter's hand high on the centerline of the bore. Allowing for faster more accurate follow up shots. This ergonomic hand placement also reduced felt recoil. Possible drawbacks include it is the largest of the angled foregrips, and the heaviest.

The AFG-2: This is a shorter in length and narrower in width than the original AFG. This angled fore grip is also compatible with most M1913 Picatinny-railed handguards. The AFG-2, by keeping the hand and hold of the weapon at near centerline, helps mitigate felt recoil and aids in control of the weapon for faster, more accurate follow-up shots. The potential drawback is due to its smaller size and missing side wraps, it is best suited for a larger or gloved hand for optimal comfort.

The M-LOK AFG: Is the direct result of research and continued refinements to the AFG and AFG-2. This is a high strength ultra lightweight fore grip. By adhering to a minimalist design profile, the engineers were able to maintain a similar gripping surface, but create a overall smaller grip. It is .75” smaller than the already shorter AFG-2. The only drawback we can find is that you must have an M-LOK handguard to utilize this angles foregrip.

Magpul Industries Handstop

The M-LOK Hand Stop Kit: Okay, while this is technically not a fore grip, it serves much the same purpose, so we included it here for your convenience. It is a very light weight, less intrusive weapon control point and forward stop. This is arguably the most versatile of the options, as it is configurable in multiple fashions. This style of fore gripping the weapon is closest to centerline and very ergonomic and comfortable to use. It boasts TSP Texture for enhanced grip, and comes in the standard choice of colors. The drawback for this one is you may need to purchase additional M-LOK Rail Type 2 Covers to complete the textured area you intend to hold.

MAGPUL XTM Hand Stop Kit

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Oct 11th 2021 Staff Writers

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