Must Have AR 15 Accessories | Best AR 15 Accessories

Must Have AR 15 Accessories | Best AR 15 Accessories

While every AR 15 owner is different and therefore has different needs and wants, these are a few of the must have AR 15 Accessories every shooter needs. Well, need is a stretch, but you get the point.

The Top 4 Must Have AR 15 Accessories New Owners Forget

  1. A Comfortable Grip
  2. Sights
  3. Ambi-charging Handle
  4. Muzzle Device

The first additional accessory for your AR 15 is a comfortable grip. Grips come in many different textures, angles, and widths. They are also available with finger grooves as well as rubber over-molds to make control even easier when wetter conditions are present.

The second on our list of must have accessories for your AR 15 are sights. These can be steel sights or optics, depending on what you use your rifle for. Remember that your AR 15 is nearly worthless with out great sights. In fact, great sights make the difference between a great time and a master course in dealing with massive frustration.

The third in the series of must haves is an ambidextrous charging handle. If you are wearing gloves an ambidextrous charging handle makes charging your weapon a piece of cake. There are many to choose from we think those with extended latches are even better because they make use even easier.

The last in our must have AR 15 accessories list is a muzzle device. First, make sure the one you want is legal for use in your state on your weapon. Next decide what you want in a muzzle device. Reduced recoil, reduced barrel rise, smaller flash, directed concussion, the possibilities are endless.

What Accessories Should I Add to my AR 15?

As for the accessories you should add to your AR 15, we believe less is more, if you are building a daily rifle. But if you are building a purpose driven build, then add the accessories you need for the specific purpose. Meaning if you only use your rifle during the day and at great distances, do not bother mounting a flashlight, the added weight will just create difficulties.

The key to adding accessories is to have an easy-to-use mounting system such as M-LOK and having a well-organized bag or case. This way you can add or subtract the accessories you need for the specific use.

The Accessory Every AR 15 Needs

In our opinion the one accessory that every AR 15 needs is a well-trained user. Meaning before you rush out and buy a bunch of things o attach to your rifle, spend the money on training. Learn to use the rifle, tear it down, clean and service it, etc. This accessory is the most often overlooked purchase new AR 15 owners make. So do yourself and everyone around you a favor, get as much training on the weapon as you can.

What are Good AR Accessories?

If you are looking up “what are good AR accessories”, then you are probably new to the world of AR 15’s and how to use them. Good accessories are those that you need on your weapon to make using it easier or more reliable. Anything else is added by newbies to give it “bling”. We suggest stripping off as many accessories as you can. After you spend a few hundred hours carrying the weapon, you will have most likely come to that conclusion yourself.

Very often the excitement of adding a new accessory to your weapon outweighs common sense. That being said, if you are making a sculptural artistic piece to hang in your study, mancave, or office on the wall, then add whatever makes it look better. Just remember each item you add makes it more cumbersome, heavier, and more likely to snag or catch on something when in use.

What is the Best AR 15 Pistol Grip?

AR 15 Pistol Grip

The best AR 15 pistol grip is the one that feels the most right when you are holding it. Each of us have differences in the size, and dynamics of our hands and fingers. This means there is no one size fits all when it comes to pistol grips. You may also decide that you want to have a few different ones available in your bag depending on your use. I have three that I will switch around depending on if I am wearing gloves or not and if it’s humid or not.

I would suggest because a pistol grip is a low cost but highly important component that is also easy to swap, keep a selection in your bag or case when you go out shooting.

What is the Most Important Part of an AR 15?

Because each and every part of an AR 15 is critical for proper use, it is tough to single out one specific part as the most important. The best way we can think of to choose the single most important part of an AR 15 is to ask what is the part that is most likely to get the most wear. That would be the BCG or bolt carrier group. Meaning if you were to buy a starter rifle, bone stock, with inexpensive parts, the first part to replace would be the BCG. It has the job of placing the round in the barrel, the firing pin is a part of the group, so it fires the round, then removes the spent casing, and replaces it with a fresh round.

Replace your existing BCG with a mil-spec and treated BCG. Choose between Nickel Boron or Black Nitride. These are inexpensive, reliable, and wipe clean. Keep the other stock (probably Parkerized) BCG in you bag as an alternate until you can replace your alternate with a better one.

AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group

What is a Drop-in Trigger?

drop in trigger is one that the fire control group is pre-assembled. It basically drops into place and after a few installation pins you are ready to go. There are many great drop-in triggers available to choose from and the price can vary from under $100 to over $400. Just be sure you like the pull and the style of trigger. The best way to determine what you like to try it out first.

What Makes an AR 15 Accurate?

Are you having trouble with the accuracy of your AR 15? This could be for one or more of a few reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of the things that could be affecting your accuracy.

Loose Components:

Be sure everything is properly torqued to specs before attempting to use your rifle. If there is any play or slop in the parts (including the upper and lower receiver) fix it before continuing to use the weapon. A loose handguard could put the barrels out of center from your sights and make accurately hitting your target impossible or sporadic.

Worn Parts:

If you are using a worn barrel or the rifling is no longer performing its function, the bullet with stray. Bullets need to be spinning to stay straight. Also be sure to check the weight of the bullet and compare it with the rifling of the barrel. Heavier rounds need more spin.

Misaligned Sights:

AR 15 Sights

You need to have your sights zeroed in for the distance you mean to shoot regularly. Sights can become misaligned easily. So, they should be checked for accuracy every time you shoot. In fact, some cheap sights can even wander off center after only several rounds. Do not skimp on your sights, they are what help you aim.

What Does an AR 15 Forward Assist Do?

A forward assist is the relic of a bygone era. It is a nice way of saying it is a built-in hammer for slamming a round that is jammed or stuck without having to break open your rifle. Unless you are in dire times during a war, you should never use the forward assist.

Many manufacturers are building their upper receivers without an integrated forward assist. The rifle looks cleaner and is actually safer.

If you are shopping for the must have accessory for your AR 15, be sure to check out the “live” inventory and huge selection of AR 15 parts and accessories at Black Rifle Depot.

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