What to Look For When Purchasing The Best AR 15 Stock

What to Look For When Purchasing The Best AR 15 Stock

The stock of your AR-15 is one of the most important components to consider. Depending on the intended use, the stocks, buffer tubes, and buffer springs are different. 

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Size
  • Look
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Use
  • Adjustable/Stationary

The last of which is very important not to forget. Adjustable stocks make it easier to get the right feel. They also make it easier to store and carry.

Mil-spec Buffer Tubes vs Commercial Buffer Tubes


There are several different types of buffer tubes. There is no one size fits all. Aside from Mil-spec and commercial tubes there are also pistol tubes. Be sure you get the right tube for your lower. A mil spec buffer tube or (receiver extension) have a slightly smaller diameter than a commercial buffer tube. The Mil-Spec measures at 1.146" while a commercial tube measures at 1.170". The next difference is the mil-spec tubes have a flat back and commercial have a slanted back. The stocks that fit these tubes are different and should not be considered interchangeable.

Sling Attachments And Other Features – What it The Best AR 15 Stock?

There are often attachment points for slings in some of the best AR 15 stocks. Some even contain storage space for small parts for repairs. Spots for batteries for your lasers, lights, and optics are many times included in the best multi-purpose AR 15 stocks. There are many examples of different stocks with varying options to choose from on the market. Be sure to know your needs and wants before purchasing a replacement stock for your rifle.

AR 15 Adjustable Stocks – What is The Best AR 15 Stock?

Collapsible stocks are also referred to as adjustable stocks. The most basic stock will have an adjustment lever and a club-foot shape. The cheek weld is where your cheek rests when you aim the gun. The club foot is the bottom of the stock that faces the floor. The rounded cheek weld and club foot help create a more natural hold on the weapon when at the shooter. You can also find left handed stocks for those who want them.

A Legal Note on AR 15 Stocks – Is a Featureless AR Stock Needed?

Let’s start this off with a disclaimer: although the information discussed here is legal in nature, this is not legal advice. We are not lawyers. Talk to one if you’re not sure if your firearm is legal or not. To be considered featureless, the stock cannot fold, or collapse. Most types of collapsible AR 15 stocks are illegal in some places. Be sure to check your local regulations before purchasing.

Keep in mind, there are many stock options for you to choose from that are featureless. They will have various extras such as storage or attachment points. Extra magazine storage is even offered in some Featureless stocks. This may be a great option for those who need easy access to additional magazines.

The Rise of Stabilizing Braces For The AR Platform

The Pistol Buffer Tube is a popular attachment point for a stabilizer brace. The legality of stabilizer braces has been in question as of late, and will likely be gone soon. But they currently have an innovative locking system that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the brace for balance and shooting confidence. Most are very easy to install. Plus, when not in use, they can be quickly and easily removed.

Ergonomics – What is The Best AR 15 Stock?

The best stock for the rifle should fit your body position. Your first job is to find out what position you tend to use your rifle in. Are you shooting standing, sitting or prone? If you are prone, you should select a stock with a long, low profile. If you are sitting, you should select a stock with a high, wide profile. If you are standing, you should select a stock that is neither too high nor too low. Make sure your stock fits and feels comfortable for your style of shooting. Check out the great selection of stocks available online here at Black Rifle Depot.

Try on several stocks until you find one you like. You might also consider trying several brands of AR15 rifles. Many brands of AR rifles will run a different stock than the one pictured. This is by design. Different brands were designed by different people with different preferences. What works for one person may not work for another. You may find a stock that works better for you. Try several brands and models of stocks until you find one you like.

When you find the right combination, you will have a great deal of confidence and control when pulling the trigger. You know what? I believe there is no best stock for an AR 15 rifle. There are just many, many good ones.

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