Forward Controls Design

Forward Controls Design Compact Section Rod - 18"-20"

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CSR 18-20
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Forward Controls Design Compact Section Rod - 18"-20"

Compact Sectional Rods, or CSR were designed to provide a compact sectional rod for use clearing stuck cases out of the AR15/M4 Carbine pattern rifles. The common technique of mortaring the rifle, which involves slamming the rifle's stock on the ground vertically, often fails to dislodge a stuck case meaning that tools are required. The original M16 clearing rod is perfect for this, but has drawbacks for real world use that are solved by the CSR. The M16 cleaning rod segments are long and difficult to store, and require the use of a cumbersome t-handle attachment. CSR on the other hand can be stored in Vltor and SOPMOD stock storage compartments (except the 18-20 inch model), and do not require a T-handle.


  • Length: 18 - 20 inches 
  • Includes: 1 handle, 3 standard length rods, 2 short rods, 1 ram plug and 1 jag.
  • This model is too bulky to be stored in Vltor and SOPMOD stocks

Every CSR includes a brass jag for holding patches, so it can be used as a cleaning rod, although that's not its intent. All the Compact Sectional Rods come with one stainless steel ram attachment, which is used when cleaning that stuck case out of your rifle. 

Note: CSR is not compatible with USGI sectional rod attachments. USGI attachments are threaded 8/36 and the CSR is threaded 8/32.

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CSR 18-20
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