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Strike Industries AR Carbine Flat Wire Buffer Spring

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Strike Industries AR Carbine Flat Wire Buffer Spring

Revolutionize your AR-15 experience with the Strike Industries AR Carbine Flat Wire Buffer Spring, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Unlike traditional buffer springs which use a coiled round wire, this gem from Strike Industries is designed with a flat wire, providing an array of benefits that transform your shooting experience.

The flat wire construction offers more surface area contact with the buffer tube and bolt carrier, resulting in smoother operation, reduced friction, and decreased chance of binding. Moreover, it's fashioned from premium materials, ensuring resistance to operational stresses and environmental factors. With an extended lifespan over standard springs, it represents a worthwhile investment for those serious about optimizing their AR-15's performance.


  • Superior Materials: Crafted using advanced metallurgical techniques, this buffer spring boasts strength and resilience, ensuring longevity even under rigorous use.

  • Enhanced Stability: Its flat wire design ensures consistent and harmonious interaction with the AR-15 components, reducing torsional oscillation and enhancing overall stability during cycling.

  • Tailored Tension: The unique design maintains an optimal spring rate, providing consistent resistance through every shot, making your shooting experience predictable and controlled.

  • Minimized Harmonics: Experience fewer vibrations and reduced muzzle rise, thanks to the spring's ability to absorb and distribute energy efficiently.

  • Compatibility Assurance: Specifically designed for carbine-length AR-15 setups, this spring is a seamless fit, ensuring the utmost compatibility with a diverse range of rifle configurations.

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