The Aero Precision Complete Upper Lineup

The Aero Precision Complete Upper Lineup

Aero Precision has been long been known to create an industry leading mil-spec upper receiver. But since the acquisition of Ballistic Advantage, they have been offering some of the best AR 15 complete upper assemblies for the money. They have an extensive lineup of complete AR15 Uppers to fit almost any requirement you may have in a complete upper purchase.

Aero Precision still proudly only carries, sells, and offers US made parts and components. True, most of their product line is manufactured in-house, they source their raw materials from US suppliers as well. You can confidently purchase an Aero Precision Complete Upper from small US family-owned businesses like Black Rifle Depot and get outstanding customer service in addition to the great products.

Aero Precision Complete Uppers

The lineup of Aero Precision complete uppers come in many configurations and a choice of colors. The very first decision is to decide on the style of upper receiver. You can get the enhanced model or the standard threaded version. Then it’s a matter of getting the integrated forward assist or not. Those are some of the most important choices you have to make.

One of the first options after deciding on the upper receiver is to choose from is the barrel length. They carry barrels that range in length from 7.5” to 20”. From there you can decide on the handguard length from 7” to 15”. What’s next to decide on, you might ask? The handguard style: m-lok or keymod. Then what color you want the upper assembly in. All-in-all there are somewhere around 80 different variations to choose from. So, the sky is nearly the limit.

Here are a few of our favorite combinations for you to ogle (I mean, inspire you):

Aero Precision Assembled Upper Complete Pistol

Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded 18" Complete Upper Assembly

Aero Precision Upper Assemblies

Aero is known for producing some of the cleanest fit and finish receivers for the money. They have set out to and maintained a position at the top of the market in quality, while staying well within the pack on price. They never wanted to be the most expensive on the market but wanted to bring high-quality within reach of everyone. They have been successful at doing just that for years and have decided to keep up the well-earned reputation by delivering high-quality complete uppers at affordable prices.

Aero Precision Assembled Uppers Complete

If you are in the market for a replacement or second complete upper assembly for your existing lower, Aero Precision delivers with their remarkable lineup of assembled uppers complete with everything you need. If you have not yet added Aero Precision to your list of complete upper assembly manufacturers, you should. If you are in the market for a really good complete AR15 upper, look no further than Black Rifle Depot, where you can get the Aero Precision Upper and get outstanding customer service to boot.

Aero Precision Assembled Upper Receiver/handguard Combos

I wish it were as easy to decide as simply choosing from one of the beautiful examples above, but I neglected to mention that there are also other ways to get the parts delivered if you love only some of the parts but want to swap out a barrel or component. Aero Precision sells some of the best-selling combos as packages so you can order as a bundle and save. Here are some examples of those:

Aero Precision 15" Combo

Sep 6th 2021 Black Rifle Depot

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