Strike Industries TRIBUS Enhanced Castle Nut & Extended End Plate Version 2

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The Strike Industries TRIBUS is the next iteration of the previous AR-ECN&EEP. New features include two addition QD mounting points added to the left & right side of the extended end plate. Totaling in 3 QD mounting points. Another BIG improvement is the added anti-rotation castle nut feature. Once installed, use the set screw to prevent the castle nut from backing out during weapon usage. The TRIBUS is available in an anodized color line.


Product Features:
- Aesthetic upgrade
- Multiple QD point located on center, left, and right side of the end plate.
- Upgraded end plate added groove for easier installation of takedown pin detent spring
- Anti-Walk Castle Nut Set Screw replaces and replicates staking capabilities while maintaining easy dissasembly.
- Compared to a standard castle nut and end plate, the fully collapsed position, with most stocks, is eliminated in order to create proper clearance for the QD socket.
- Extended end plate for prevention of pinching hand while using a sling attached.

Package includes:
- 1x Enhanced Castle Nut
- 1x Enhanced End Plate
- 1x Set Screw
- 1x Allen Key


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